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Joe Fida Instant Auto Plate Service
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Dealerships In Monongahela, PA


If you are a :

  • New Vehicle Dealer
  • Used Vehicle Dealer
  • Full Agent
  • Messenger Service
  • Enhanced Inspection Station
Joe Fida's Auto Plate Service, Inc. can help you with all your processing needs.

Because you are having your deals processed on-line you can now charge on-line service fees plus your Doc fee.

What we need from you:

  • Completed Title Application
  • State Fees
  • Service Fees


  • Rejected paperwork
  • Hiring new staff
  • Additional training
  • New software
  • Expensive computer equipment

What we can process for you:

  • Reconstructed Title Application
  • Title Transfers Renewals
  • Dealer Titles
We have over 39 years experience with messenger and notary public services. We check your paperwork, process it on-line and mail registration cards and stickers.